• Learn the approach I use for portrait drawing.
  • Get feedback on your assignment drawings.
  • Discover inspiring resources for sketchbooking.
  • Join our facebook group of like-minded artists!
Hi, my name is Walt Reunamo and I am an artist and online art instructor and I will be your teacher on this Sketchbook Drawing Workshop.

I have been teaching drawing for the past 3 years in online schools such as Skillshare and Udemy and have gathered over 5000 students doing my courses. I have also worked in games industry for the past 7 years in artist positions.

In the workshop I will share with you all the most important techniques and resources that have helped me improve my sketchbook drawing along the years. See you on the workshop!
You Will Get
The workshop will be released in the popular Skillshare online learning platform. You will receive a free access link for the workshop to the email you provide when the workshop is released.
Why are you giving this workshop for free?

How can I access the workshop?

When will the workshop release?
The workshop will be free for only to the people signing through this offer. This will make sure my workshop will have good amount of students from day 1 when it launches. 
After we get at least 200 people to join the workshop through this offer.